Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter egg hunt...

So today I did an Easter egg hunt with the Kindergarten class. I had it all prepared by stuffing the plastic eggs with "mini eggs" and stickers. We went outside for our gym time and I had the students sit on the log outside with their eyes closed while I hid 50 eggs on the playground. The excitement was apparent as they were not just sitting on the log they were bouncing up and down in anticipation for the hunt. When I finished "hiding" the eggs, or more specifically placing them in different areas of the playground, I gave them each a bag with their name on it and gave them three rules. Rule one: When you find an egg, put it in the bag, do not open them. Rule 3: find five eggs, each a different colour; blue, green, yellow, purple and pink. Rule 2: When you are finished finding all your eggs, come back and sit on the log until everyone is finished. Everything started off well as the children ran to find all their five eggs. It started to fall apart when I realized I made a mistake....yes, teachers make mistakes, too...I realized there were no PINK EGGS! I realized it after a couple students came to me saying they had four eggs and couldn't find the last egg, and the missing link? A pink one which I too couldn't seem to find. This is when I was thankful that children are quick to forgive and quick to make a change. I proceeded to say "OOPS Mrs. Barnes made a mistake, you can find five eggs...doesn't matter what colour. After that, things went smoothly, all the eggs were found and everyone was very excited to have a bag of plastic eggs. Lesson learned in Kindergarten today? Everyone makes mistakes and it's ok. Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster. ~Weston H. Agor It is a good thing I am in Kindergarten because apparently I am not too good with colours!

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