Friday, March 19, 2010

positive possibilities!

At the beginning of last year's class I had the children sit down for an activity at the table involving cutting and gluing. As the children were getting settled in their seats, I looked over at this one student who looked about ready to cry. I knelt down beside her and asked what was wrong. She answered "I'm allergic to scissors!" Again, attempting not to laugh, I was able to talk to her and convince her that cutting paper can be fun and I would help her through it. I do not know why she thought she was allergic to scissors, but I do know that she did not have confidence in herself that she could do it. She had already decided that she couldn't. "Whether you think you can't, or think you can, you're right !(Henry Ford)" I find, for me, in the past it had become too easy to convince myself that I couldn't do something. Now, as my perception of myself has changed, I have begun to realize that it is just as easy (and FUN) to tell myself that I can...and I deserve it! When I change my thinking into positive possibilities, I can accomplish anything I put my heart into.

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