Thursday, March 25, 2010

I just finished up my last Parent-Teacher interviews for this school year and I have to say as nervous as I get before they happen is nothing compared to the energy I feel once they are complete. The energy isn't from me being finished them, the energy is from how awesome the parents are and how "for" the school they are. The school is a private Christian school and the parents pay tuition for their children to be taught by teachers like myself. I feel energized as the parents come one after another and inform me how much their children love school and love me as a teacher. They also tell me how they see such a change in their child from the beginning of the year to now and then they conclude it with "thank you". All I have to say is "thank YOU!". I thank the parents for sending their child to the school and allowing me the privilege of teaching them. They are handing me their treasure to take care of, to guide, to teach. That is a high calling and I do not take it lightly. It feels very empowering to know that parents trust me enough to drop off their child three days a week so I can impart Godly truths in a creative environment where they have no other choice but to learn and grow. I feel blessed in my purpose and I feel energized in the path I am walking in.

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