Wednesday, March 10, 2010

oh be careful little hands...

There is a song I learned and still sing in Kindergarten called "Oh be careful little hands". It is a cute little song that talks about being careful what you do, for God is always watching with love. It has been a song that I taught the Kindergartens just recently because , unfortunately, there has been some hitting and pushing...not positive uses of their hands. I told them that our hands are for loving and giving and that is all part of honouring each other and ultimately honouring God. I have also challenged myself. Am what I doing in life "with my hands" loving, giving or honouring? Am I pushing people away, or hitting myself over the head with negative thoughts? I am choosing to use my hands for loving and giving; to my husband, my own children, my students, my family and anyone I come in contact with. "Honour is the reward of what we give", and like the song says, God is "looking down in love", He desires for me to be loving and giving to those He has placed in my life and in that I will be rewarded for honouring Him!

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