Friday, March 12, 2010


Every morning while setting up the classroom to get ready to teach I love listening to the sound of the silence. It is in the silence that I hear potential. There is so much potential in the room before school starts. Potential; anything could happen today, someone WILL learn something today. I love the saying "you learn something new everyday". When I first heard it I doubted the fact that everyday I learn a new fact. I have since realized that the statement is true. I learn everyday the importance of smiling and seeing the joy in the small details of life. I learn that my students listen to every word that I say and therefore my words are powerful to bring life or death, so I choose to speak life! I also learn how to love as Jesus loves in a hug, a touch and a smile. We do have the potential to learn something new everyday, we just need to be open to that possibility. When I open my mind up to the idea that I CAN learn, I DO...even in Kindergarten!

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