Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In a few weeks we will be having Grandparent's Day at our school. It is probably one of my favourite days that we do in the year. I love the aspect of honour as we have the grandparents come in and we sing songs and recite poems as a class. In my class we practice for weeks for this day to present the grandparents with something that they will cherish in their hearts. I also love the excitement of the students to show their school to their grandma, grandpa, nanna, pappa, oma, opa, and many other names for their cherished grandparents. My favourite part of Grandparent's Day happened last year. I had extra chairs brought into the classroom for the grandparents to sit on and observe their grandchildren in the classroom. Instead of sitting on those chairs, the majority of the grandparents sat on the carpet with their grandchild, or sat on the little white child chairs just to BE with their grandchild in their classroom. I saw the grandparents enjoying themselves and having FUN in Kindergarten again. I saw an environment that the children and I have created in that room of fun in learning. A non-stress place to just be themselves and enjoy life. It was quite a picture to see the joy and excitement in their eyes...like they were kids again.

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