Thursday, March 25, 2010

even Elmo!

It is coming up to Easter weekend and next week I will be doing a craft with the students that I have done every year in Kindergarten. I give them a paper and a cut out cross and at the top of the paper it says "Jesus died for...". I then give them a magazine and some scissors and tell them to cut out pictures of people. Before the craft I talk to them about how Easter is about remembering and celebrating the fact that Jesus died and rose again for everybody and how amazing His love is for us. I ask them "did Jesus die for people who do really bad things?" I go on to explain that Jesus dies for ALL people no matter who they are or what they have done. Every year, and I mean EVERY, there is always a few students who cut out pictures of toys, Disney characters and puppies. I explain to them that I asked them to cut out pictures of people because Jesus died for people. A couple years ago, when I approached one student and reminded her what she should be cutting out, she said "Jesus died for Elmo, too!" To children it is just that simple! Jesus died for all, even Elmo :)

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