Thursday, March 4, 2010

everlasting smile

There are a lot of things I like to teach in Kindergarten, especially because at this age the children are like little sponges. My favourite unit or theme to teach is community helpers. During this theme I talk to the children about what job they want to do or the more important phrase "what they want to be when they grow up". I love their answers and it is usually the same each year; the boys want to be police officers or firefighters and the girls want to be mommies or dancers. Each time I teach this unit I allow them to draw a picture of what they want to be and then a sentence would be written on the bottom to explain the picture. This one particular year I had them all sit at the desks and start drawing and proceeded to go around and ask what their picture was and why they chose that. As I started going around I noticed a pattern in five of the girls' drawings; they all wanted to be Kindergarten teachers. When I was young , if anyone asked me what I wanted to be I would say a Kindergarten teacher and a Mom. The reason was, the influential people in my life including my Kindergarten teacher. I remember my Kindergarten classroom, some of the activities like sand table, painting and calendar; but what I really remember is the kindness and smile of my teacher. She was so friendly every morning I got there and she still smiled when I left each day. I thought my Kindergarten teacher knew ALL the answers. I even remember one time telling my mom she was wrong because that is NOT what my teacher said and my teacher is always right! Yes, I got in trouble for that and so now that I am in that teacher position and have my students wanting to be teachers just like me, it brings to light the possibility that my students may never forget their Kindergarten teacher or her smile. What an honour it is to impart these amazing memories into them and also the ability to constantly speak love and truth into their hearts so they truly grow up believing they are loved for who they are.

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