Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a mom's job

I love show and Tell days in Kindergarten. Children love to share about their lives in fun and creative ways. The way I set up Show and Tell is I have the children bring in an item that goes with the theme I am teaching and then give clues as to what the item is. For instance, one week I had the students bring in their favourite vegetable. One child brought in corn and the clues were it is yummy, it is yellow and I eat it. The the other students get a chance to guess what it is. This is such a fun time as the items and clues that are shared during these times are generally thought up by the students themselves. One time I had the students bring in something to do with their mom's job. One student brought in something that was all covered up and the clues were; my mom does this everyday and it makes me happy. So, the clues were vague, but still we went on with guessing and there were many great ideas. The student then revealed a broom and dustpan and she said "my mommy sweeps". The student's mom was a stay at home mom and the student picked her favourite thing her mom does at home...sweeping! I remember the mom talking to me afterwards, laughing and saying, "I couldn't talk her out of it, she wanted to bring the broom." It made me think of how children really do appreciate even the little things their Mom's do and see it as important. In the Mom's eye's it was probably a silly thing to say sweeping, but in that child's eyes she saw it as something her Mom did that was important. I know what MY kids have taken for show and tell for "what my mom does for a job", and it always relates with my teaching. However, my full-time job is a mom and it is, to me, more important training up my own children. Being a mother is the greatest responsibility and I truly treasure it and would not trade it in for the world.

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