Saturday, March 20, 2010

There are so many ideas online for Kindergarten that have been tried and true. I love reading through them and gleaning my own ideas from that to create a successful year. I enjoy trying new things each year with the children and obviously I love it when things work and they enjoy the activity or craft. I remember one sheet I found online that I thought would be alot of fun. It was a sheet of paper with a picture of two plates on it. The children were asked to draw a "yummy food" on one plate and a "yucky food" on the other plate. There was a recurring theme on the "yucky food side" with vegetables, particularly broccolli. On the "yummy food" side there were a lot of pizza, macaroni and cheese and cookies. It wasn't a surprise as that is the answer for most children. I asked one child if he has tried broccoli before and he said "no". It did lead into a conversation about how it is important to try all foods because you don't know if you like it or not until you try it. He drew broccoli because he had decided already that he didn't like it. I wonder how many times I have made a decision before I have even "tried it". I already have an opinion and therefore I will not move forward with it due to a preconceived idea that I will fail or it just won't work. Instead I can choose to "try it" or better yet just commit to it and take the steps to make my own opinion, not base it on someone else's.

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