Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Every Friday afternoon in Kindergarten I have reading buddies. This is a time where the grade 3/4 class comes into our classroom and reads to the Kindergarten students. I find this such an important time for all of them. The grade 3/4s have an opportunity to be a reading role model as well as practice their reading skills and the kindergartens get the chance to be read to and by students that they look up to. It is a time that each one involved looks forward to. I love all programs where it brings older and younger students together. I have had grade 3/4 students come to me and say that they remember being read to in Kindergarten during reading buddies and now they think it is neat how they get to be the ones to read. One day these Kindergarten students will be the ones blessing the younger students with stories, that is pretty cool!

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