Saturday, March 13, 2010

growing in independence...

One of the things that I keep getting reminded of around this time of the school year is how much kids can grow and change in their independence. In September when the students start, they seem quite young in the ways that they act and in the things they can, or rather cannot do. In March, my students have all the routines to memory, they know what to expect in regards to the schedule and the rules, and they have also become much more independent. I read this quote once that said "A kindergarten teacher is someone who loves children and hates zippers." During the winter it is a workout just to get the students all dressed helping them pull their snowpants on, tuck each pantleg over their boots, tuck mittens in sleeves, tie scarves and zipper coats. By the time the snow is gone and coats are not needed anymore, it seems to be the time the students finally learn how to zip their own zippers, tuck their own mittens and snowpants and do their own boots. It is all in the process of learning. I love how much they change from the start of the school year to when I say goodbye in June. Each "season" there is a time for learning. Whether it is learning the rules and routines in the first few months or whether it is learning how to dress themselves independently during the winter months. They may not think they are learning, but children learn by doing. The more they do it, the more they learn to be independent. So seeing the growth in the students at this time of year is great, it means I am doing my job!

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