Wednesday, March 3, 2010

teaching can be an aerobics class...

When I went to school to become a Kindergarten teacher, they never prepared me for the workout that was involved. Every day I teach I am constantly walking, bending over, sitting (squatting) in little tiny chairs and on my knees on their level. I find it especially noticeable during the winter months when it takes three times longer to get them ready for recess with all the snowpants, coats, boots, mittens etc. Some children love having their mittens tucked inside their coats, some love their scarf tied a certain way and my "favourite" is tucking their snowpants OVER their boots. With their little fingers it is a difficult task and therefore becomes my job:) I received an email from a parent that made me smile. It said,
"Hi, Just wanted to let you know that in "said child's" eyes you are the BEST snow pant boot coverer-uper! I (the mother) was helping him pull his snow pants over his boots before he went out to play and he said 'Do it like Mrs. Barnes, she's a teacher she is so good at it'! "
She proceeded to say how special I am in his eyes. I realized that even in the little tasks that I perform for these children to "serve" them and be the greatest teacher experience for them, I am truly making them feel loved, accepted and deserving of everything good...even having their snowpants pulled just right!

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  1. awwww......I love it....and you are a good writer....must take after your Grandpa!!!