Friday, March 19, 2010

"honour" as my foundation

Every December in Kindergarten, right before Christmas, I have the children decorate mini gingerbread houses. In the first few years I would put the together the morning of and the children would decorate them, but some were often in tears because the house was not strong enough and they would push the candies on so hard the house would come tumbling down. I learned from that and started making them the day before to give the icing a chance to harden and therefore making the house stronger. It is so important in my classroom to set the children up to win in all areas. Preparation is key and also making sure I have a strong foundation. My foundation in the classroom is set in September when I teach the children the rules of the classroom and the school, and also my expectations on how they will need to behave. This school year the "foundation of the school" is on honour. Honouring God, those in authority, others and those entrusted to us. It is based on the Honour series by John Beveere. This has been an amazing foundation for me to build on in the classroom in everything that I do. When the children sit on the carpet I ask them to sit "honouring" me as the teacher or whoever is speaking at that time. It also comes up on the playground if an unkind word is said, I ask "Is that honouring the other person?" It has been an amazing concept that the children easily understand and can use in every area of their life. It is also something that I am constantly learning about as I teach and work along side my fellow teachers. I ask myself the same question, "Is that honouring the other person?" I choose to honour one another in love, in ALL areas of my life, and in that be a positive role model to the children who are watching me.

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  1. haha! those were the days...early mornings, my sister and me, building gingerbread houses!!! :) My favourite year was when I was able to visit the class during my spare and decorate one with the kids! What fun!

    Great lesson, Laura! luv this blog, and sure do luv you!!!