Saturday, May 29, 2010

100 days!

Yesterday, in the Kindergarten class, we celebrated 100 days of going to school. Every year we have a party on our 100th day. The students are told at the beginning of the year that we are counting the days of school and on our 100th day there will be a celebration. I have them every day put up a new number and we celebrate the milestones of 25 and 50 but the ultimate excitement comes at day 100. The students are so full of excitement and this year was no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed how when we got to 80 they would say we only have 20 days left! and when we got to 90 it was a constant countdown. Little did they know how much "math" they were doing in the process.
Well, on our party day each child brought in 100 yummy things to share. This year I had 10 students...and you can do the math, each shared 10 things with each student to create a mixed bag of 100. Not every year turns out so "perfect". :) Some activities we did were counting how far 100 steps were on the playground, playing our hop to 100 game...but the favourite activity every year is playing in 100 balloons. I ask the grade 5/6 class to blow up 100 balloons and they put them in bags the day before and set them in our classroom. I then with the help of the Kindergarten students count them out onto our classroom and then play music and allow them to play in them. It is probably the most talked about activity by previous classes.