Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another favourite part of being a Kindergarten teacher is when I get to decorate the classroom to go with the season or theme. I love the changes in the room and how it can look so different just by switching the pictures on the windows or bulletin boards. I have one bulletin board that has a large tree on it. As the seasons outside the classroom changes so does my tree inside the room. In the fall it is covered with colourful leaves and apples, winter time the leaves "fall off" (and I decorate it with candy canes and lights at Christmas), then snow goes on the ground at the bottom of the tree. In spring I put up blossoms and gradually add green leaves as the trees outside change. The students love the changes that happen in the classroom and I enjoy the looks of "awe" when something is different. Changing bulletin boards may not sound fun to a lot of people, but it has always been something I have looked forward to when being a Kindergarten teacher. Anything that makes a child smile, I enjoy doing...again, it's in my job description!

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