Thursday, March 25, 2010

Every Monday afternoon I take the Senior Kindergartens to the school computer lab where they are able to each have their own computer and play educational games. At each computer there are headsets that they wear so as not to disturb the highschool French class going on at the same time. Well, I have realized that the headphones do very little to keep the room quiet. The students will call my name or go to talk to the classmate beside them, and their voice is always extremely loud, even shouting at times. AND they are oblivious to the fact that they are that loud. It made me wonder how often I do that in life. I, at times, say something out loud thinking I am saying it correctly and in the right tone when I am just making a lot of noise. When I am able to hear feedback from those around me and adjust my level I create a much quieter environment!

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  1. I love hearing the Kindergarten kids during our French class on Mondays, I do have to admit, my focus is a little off as I turn around and adore them, but they're not a bother at all. Mr. Francis loves them too.. we can hardly get him to focus! :)