Friday, March 12, 2010

building strong kids!

I did an object lesson in my class in regards to the verse "Encourage one another and build each other up!" I took 10 building blocks (one for each student). As I put one down I said a kind word about one of the students, then I put another block on top of the first one as I stated another kind thing about the next student. I continued until all the blocks created a tower and each student had something kind said about them. I proceeded to then talk to the children how when we encourage one another like the verse says, we are building them up like a tower, making them feel empowered and strong. I then continued to show them that if a mean word was said, even just a little word, what would happen to the tower? I then lightly tapped the tower and, of course, it came tumbling down. I explained to the class that when a DIScouraging word or unkind thing is said that the person doesn't feel strong anymore, they feel knocked down. I encouraged them in the importance of our words how we need to "build" with positive words and not "knock down" with negative ones. Since then, I had a couple blocks at the front of the room to remind them. If an unkind word is spoken from one student to the other I refer to the wall and have them say a kind word to "rebuild". The wall is also a reminder to me to continue to encourage these students and build them up to be strong in the classroom, on the playground and at home.

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