Wednesday, March 24, 2010

little skills I've learned

This morning in Kindergarten I was sitting at the front of the room and the students were in a semi circle in front of me. I was showing them a sheet that they would be working on and explaining it in detail. As I was explaining it I was holding it up for them to see and I was reading it from behind. When I asked if anyone had a question before we would go and sit at the tables, a student raised his hand. He asked "how are you reading that without looking at it?". I smiled and told him that I could see through the back and have learned to read things backwards. I then took a book off the shelf and showed them how teachers can also read upside down by holding a book and reading the words while looking over the top of the book. I explained I learned to do these things so that they could always see the pictures. It always amazes me the things that I do learn in Kindergarten. Little skills that I have trained myself to do over the years to allow the students to have the best experience possible in their first years of school.

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