Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today I had another dad of one of the students come into the classroom to talk about his job. He is a Toronto firefighter and he talked to the students about fire safety. It went really well and the students learned a lot. At the end of the presentation the students had a chance to try on the firefighter coat and helmet. I also took a turn and it amazed me how heavy the items were. There were a lot of layers to the uniform and each layer served a purpose of protection. In looking at it and asking questions I began to realize how if one layer was not functioning like it should it could cause serious damage to "whom" it is protecting. God has a plan and I also have a job to do. When I walk in my purpose and function as I should everyone I come in contact with can feel safe. It makes me thankful that I am a layer in God's plan. When I choose not to walk in my purpose and disregard anything God has called me to do, my layer develops holes and becomes thin and ineffective. It can be repaired, but it will take a choice. How strong is my layer? What am I bringing to God's plan? Protection or harm? I choose to be strong and BE the best "layer" I can BE for everyone around me and ultimately for God!

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