Friday, April 9, 2010

So today was Show and Tell and it was time for the infamous "what does your dad do for a job" question. The following were some clues and descriptions some of the children gave. Enjoy, I know I did!

  • clue: something that makes my dad rich.
  • answer: he makes money for a job
  • Another child answered this with "all dad's do that!"
  • clue: it starts with "b"
  • answer: he makes buckets for a craft (he makes buckets for loaders and tractors)
  • clue: starts with a B and ends with an R
  • answer: he works at B & R (company's name)
  • description of what dad does: he crushes filters into oil and then makes them into cars!

I also asked the students to think about what they may want to be when they grow up. One child said he wants to be an astronaut then proceeded to tell his friends that when he is an astronaut he will fly a rocket; and a rocket protects you from the moon.

Yup, I love my job!

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