Saturday, March 13, 2010

A couple years ago I added something to the classroom that has become a common place of comfort for the Kindergarten students. It was a couch. I put the couch in the room for a couple reasons; one was to give them a quiet place to read, the other was to have a place for them to go if they need a time to just be on their own for a moment. I remember having a place like that at my school, not only in Kindergarten, but in grade one and two as well. I remember having an old bathtub full of pillows in the back of one of our classrooms and when we were done our work we could go and read in there. I loved it, as it was a quiet place to be and a comfortable place to read a good book. I believe there needs to be places like that readily available at any age. Kids start out in Kindergarten with a love of learning to read. When they move to Grade one they continue to read and still have a passion for it. Unfortunately, in some kids, that passion seems to get lost and reading no longer is an enjoyment. It becomes homework, something that they HAVE to do. I found my love of reading again a few years ago and I really enjoy curling up with a good book. It was a passion I thought I had lost, but it still was inside me, I just rediscovered it. It makes me wonder what other childlike passions and dreams I have inside me that just need to be awakened?

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  1. Thank-you Laura. I remember having a quiet reading corner too. It is so powerful and true the importance of having a way and place to connect. You are making such an amazing contribution. On thinking about your blogs I thought of my kindergarten days and to my astonishment, I still remember my teachers names. Kindergarten teachers make such a difference in those formative years - Thank-you for making yours and sharing it :)