Wednesday, April 10, 2013

jobs and stuff...

what does mommy or daddy do for a job?

Well, it's that time again in Kindergarten where I have all the students bring in something that their mommy and/or daddy does for a job.  Without fail I get a chuckle as they try to describe something they seem to know little about.  I love their perspective on what their parents do during the day.  Here are a few of the comments said.  You will see that mommies and daddies do a lot of "STUFF".  See if you can tell what the parent's "job"
is :)

- daddy buys money to get money.  He uses the money to buy furniture and stuff.

- mommy designs stuff on the computer.  She designs towels and stuff.

- my daddy puts labels on buckets at work during quiet time.

- mommy makes picture books for a job...nothing else.  (showed a shutterfly family photo book)

- my mommy cleans dishes and does laundry.  She doesn't do bending much.

- my dad works, he fixes roofs.  When he is done the owners give him money.

- my mommy works for my daddy.  She writes employer checks.

- my daddy is a business worker thing.  He builds kitchens.

- my mommy takes video and pictures with her camera.

- my daddy designs buckets on the computer.

- my daddy works on a computer.  His computer can open and close and he can carry it around.

- my mommy takes video with a camera and tells people the weather on a TV.

Well, thank you to all these wonderful parents for having amazing jobs!  Your kids are super proud of you!