Friday, January 18, 2013

well, THAT'S not something I say everyday...

they're so little ;)
today I took the Kindergarten class to the gym for some phys ed.  They absolutely love the gym and today I decided to teach them a new game.  I knew the badminton nets were set up so I took out the junior racquets and birdies and tried (yes tried) to teach them to hit the birdie with the racquet.  Well, it did not go well and so we played a balancing game with our racquets instead.  They balanced the birdie on their racquet while walking across the gym.  They loved it.  As I was cheering on one of the students I turned around and saw one of the students doing something that was not expected.  I then proceeded to say to said student,

 "please, stop licking the badminton racquet."

There are numerous times in my classroom when I say phrases that make me stop and think "that is not something I would say everyday...or ever again for that matter".  Keeps me on my toes, makes my days brighter and full of laughter, and reinforces again, why I love my job.

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