Friday, November 11, 2011

a memory shared in secret...

I love books. When I was a kid (not THAT long ago) I remember reading stories and I definitely had my favourites. I also remember being read to. My mom read me stories and I do remember those, but often it was my Dad's story reading that I remembered as he often did them with different voices for each characters. As I teach Kindergarten, some of these favourites come back to me as I read them to the class. It brings back the same familiar feelings of when I used to hear them back when I was young. Today, I was reading The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne. As I am reading them I am remembering how my Dad would read Winnie the Pooh stories. Today's story was "In which a house was built for Eeyore at Pooh's corner". I found myself doing Eeyore's voice (as low as I could go) just like my Dad used to. It brought a smile to my face and almost made me laugh as this connected my memory, but most importantly my heart to the story. I remember thinking my dad did the BEST Eeyore voice and so today I decided I could to. Thankfully the Kindergarten kids thought I did great, some may not have even noticed as they were too interested in the story, but it sure was fun to bring in some of my great memories as a child and "secretly" share it with others. Maybe that is part of why I love teaching so much. It brings back great childhood memories and now I choose to pass those on.

If you ever see my Dad, ask him to do his Eeyore voice. I am sure he would love to share with you his talent for making me smile ;)

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