Wednesday, April 13, 2011

show and Tell continues....

So today there was another round of "what does your mom do for a job." And again there were some priceless answers I just HAD to share :)

Question: What does YOUR mom do for a job?


- she uses a calendar (uh, you mean calculator) oh yeah, a calculator and figures out numbers.
- she bakes cupcakes....that's it.
- she lets me play with my toys and she lets me play Donkey Kong on Tuesdays. ("wow, that's a GREAT job" I said. he followed with "I KNOW"
- she holds a baby in her tummy. (that is definitely a job!)
- she kisses me (is that all she does? yup, that's it)
- she makes me lunch, takes care of me, reads me stories, works on her ipod. (he would have kept going but we ran out of time)
And probably one of my favourites....
- she teaches university students how to read!

Needless to say I never go through a show and Tell without a chuckle.

One last thing. I need to print a retraction....Today I was told from a child who did their show and Tell on Monday that she was wrong...her mom does not work on a blackberry, she uses an iphone. Got it :)

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