Wednesday, February 15, 2012

teeth and our national anthem

So I had a request to write about some more cute things that keep happening in my class. Well, a couple have happened in the past couple days, so I thought I should share:

Story one: Every week as we learn a new phonogram, the Kindergarten kids get to bring in a show n tell that starts with the letter we are learning. After they show their item I ask them to put it on the red table by the door. That way it is not a distraction in their lap while other's are having a turn. This morning one of the students brought in something that started with "t". He showed his teeth (in his mouth). He walked around the carpet showing his teeth...then the whole class started to laugh because he said he couldn't put his show and tell on the red table. He then proceeded to tell me that his OMI could, cause her teeth come out! Oh boy ;)

Story two: Every Friday we have chapel together as a school. Before we go into chapel I always like to review with the students what we should remember to do or not do in chapel. No talking while someone is talking, sitting proper in our chairs, facing the front, and during praise and worship time we praise and worship. So, we are in chapel and we start off the same way we always do, singing our National anthem. Partway through "O Canada" I look over and one of the students had his hand raised and eyes closed completely worshipping with everything in him for our national anthem :)

I love my job, I love these kids...yes, everyone of them. These "stories" that happen in the classroom are just some of the things that keep my life interesting. I treasure every one of them, and I commit to share more!

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