Monday, October 3, 2011

Superman pajamas?...

Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend! To prepare the Kindergarten class for this, I wrote on the morning message "What are you thankful for?". Hoping I would get some insightful answers of what we should be thankful for, we proceeded to make a chart of all the things that we say "thank you God for". It started off great...I am thankful for God, Jesus, my family, a healthy heart, people being healed, brothers and sisters, amazing...what great answers! Then it, lego and "my superman pajamas":) Superman Pajamas???
I am constantly reminded, through the eyes of a child, that there is SO MUCH to be thankful for! We are so blessed to be able to freely worship the ONE who has blessed us, to go to a school that is able to speak the Word, live in a free country, to have a voice (VOTE), to have an excess amount of food available to us, to have a family who loves us...on and on and on. These sometimes though are the obvious things that I SEE I am thankful for...but what are MY "superman pajamas", what I may not always SEE or that others don't always see? What are those not so obvious things that I am thankful for, those little things in life that are great that I technically could live without, but am blessed to have...Am I truly thankful for them or am I waiting for something BIG to be thankful for? It is said that if you are not truly thankful you are spoiled; or it has even been said you are cursing the things you have. WOW...May I truly be thankful for the things that God has blessed me with...even my superman pajamas ;)

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