Wednesday, August 31, 2011

fresh and new

I am back in my classroom preparing for one of my favourite times of the year...BACK TO SCHOOL! The week before, school is full of fresh and new....
new boxes of crayons,
new books,
new paper,
fresh cleaned shelves and floors
...and in the midst of those fresh and new "materials", I am gaining something fresh and new...
anticipation for a great year,
wonder of how much God loves me and is for me,
a knowledge of my purpose to teach...
As I place names on curriculum books, and place new crayons in pencil boxes, I speak over those children God is placing in my classroom. It is no accident they are here and it is no accident I am here for such a time as this. This year is going to be a great year. Why? I am saying it will be so! As I walk in my purpose, one step at a time, I know God is cheering me on. And as I guide these students to discover they have a purpose too, God is cheering us on. My anticipation grows as I get the classroom and my heart ready.

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