Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my favourite things about my job.

One of the favourite things I love about my job is the innocence of the children I am teaching. During our circle times together or even as I greet them at the door, it quickly becomes an acceptable time to share their life and their family's life to me, the teacher. I have warned parents in September at our parent meeting that I will find out a lot of things about their so-called "private life" as their children become comfortable in the classroom and start sharing all their secrets :) I often find out words that they use at home, or conversations they have had with their parents. It often comes out when I am writing a word wall (a chart with words the students come up with, starting with a particular letter we are learning). This past week, for instance, was the letter "p" and as I proceeded to ask what word starts with "p", the first one out of one students mouth left me blushing. I proceeded to tell him that yes, it DID start with the letter "p" but it would not be appropriate to put it on the list, let alone draw a picture of that particular body part. I often wonder how I don't burst out laughing or just sit there looking aghast at what was just said. I realize that my life is full of blessings in the big and little things. Even in the innocence of a child I am reminded to look at things from their eyes and life is a whole lot more fun!

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  1. Simply precious! Oh the moments you have with your kids! Can't wait to keep reading more...