Thursday, March 29, 2012

when can I go forward?

This week in Kindergarten I have been teaching my class about signs and how we can read them. A lot of signs around them have no words but we are still able to "read" them and know how to obey them.
I showed them an exit sign and even if they could or could not "read" it they knew what it's purpose was. I showed them a blue sign with a lady on it and a blue sign with a man on it and they all knew it was a sign for the washrooms and which one was for which...(with of course giggles, ALWAYS giggles when it comes to the washroom...what is WITH that?)
We went on to the traffic light and how we knew that when the light was red we know to stop, when it turns green we know it is time to go. The next sign I showed them was a STOP sign. I told them again that even if they could or couldn't "read" the word most of them should know what the sign means. They all said it meant stop and that they see that sign all the time. As I went to move on to the next sign, one of the students had a very puzzled look on his face. I started to explain the next sign being a construction sign etc, but then couldn't get past this confused look on this child's face.
I stopped and asked, "You look like you don't understand something? Do you have a question?" He proceeded to say "yeah, when do you know when to go?" I was a bit confused and asked "what do you mean?" He said, "That sign...(pointing at the STOP sign) when does it change? How do you know when to GO?" I then explained how great a question that was and that a STOP sign doesn't change. We obey the sign, look both ways, and when it is safe to go, we make the decision to go. The sign stays the same.

Seriously, deep question! When I think of my own life and when I have STOPped doing something that is in line with my purpose, sometimes in fear of not knowing where I am going. Am I waiting for the sign to turn to give me permission to move forward? Or am I able to look in all directions and know that it is safe to move, knowing God is my protector and provider. I believe there is value in taking a time to STOP at an intersection and wait a moment for things to pass before moving forward (Be still and know that I am God Ps. 46:10). I want to choose to then go and not wait forever expecting a light to flash or a sign to change. I can make that decision with God's guidance, in confidence knowing He is my safety and protection as I follow His "signs" for my life.