Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a Kindergarten prayer

Every day in Kindergarten I choose a child to be my pray-er for the classroom. Some students pray a simple prayer of "thank you God for today, Amen." and some students require my direction and will repeat after me to complete their prayer. Today in Kindergarten I had a child who prayed a prayer of everything from his heart. He said exactly what he was thanking God for and why and how he was feeling. The morning prayer went like this:

"Dear God,
Thank you for today. Thank you God for our house, our furniture and bugs. And thank you God for creating all the creatures. And thank you God especially for making the they can eat all the mosquitos. Amen"

I love how children are so innocent in their prayers. They pray what is important to them no matter how "simple" because they know God is listening and they are truly thankful. I am blessed to have daily reminders of enjoying the simple things in life and also reminded to thank God for all the blessings in my life. Looking at life through the eyes of a child is an amazing view. For THAT I am truly thankful, even thankful for the spiders.

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  1. Love it!! Thanks for posting for the rest of us who don't see through the eyes of a child on a daily basis.