Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yesterday I had the SK graduation at the school. It was a time to honour each child and to thank the parents for allowing me the privilege of teaching their little treasures this past year (and for some two years). As I was preparing for the grad, I was thinking of maybe having a theme, when I saw a crayon. As I stared at the crayon it made me think of potential. Crayons have so much potential in them and can be a starting point for something huge. I am sure every famous artist that we know started drawing with a crayon. Each colour had a purpose for adding something different to the final result. I saw crayons as being symbolic to Kindergarten....a start to something more, each child adding something different to the final result. What I did for each child was wrote the meanings of their name and had a verse for each of them and then I had a colour associated for each. One child I saw as yellow, sunshine, happy, his name meant laughter and that is what he brought to the class. Another child was associated with red; energetic and loving. One child I said was the colour blue, which is the colour of peace. I had a really empowering time writing about each child and who I saw them as and who I believe God sees them as. They may be at a crayon level, with a smaller canvas; but they will graduate to more colour choices, tool choices like paints or pastels...and they will have a much bigger canvas as they grow in independence and also grow in the knowledge of their purpose. I cannot wait for the display!

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